Meaningful storytelling. How to impact in communications

Meaningful storytelling From 13th to 18th May

5-day training program designed to move your communications skills to another level.

Learning Objectives:
Understanding the Essence of Storytelling

Explore the power of storytelling as a communication tool.
Understand the fundamental elements that make a story compelling.
Crafting Themes and Messages
Learn how to identify themes that resonate with your audience.
Craft messages that connect emotionally and intellectually.
Purpose and Applications of Storytelling
Explore the various purposes and applications of storytelling in different contexts.
Understand how storytelling can be a powerful tool for communication.
The Hero’s Journey Structure
Dive into the classic Hero’s Journey storytelling structure.
Understand the universal appeal of this narrative structure and its application in
Mastering High Activation Language and Holding Attention
Discover techniques to infuse your stories with vivid language.
Master strategies to maintain audience interest and engagement throughout your

Course overview
Day 1: Unlocking the Power of Storytelling
Welcome and Introduction to Storytelling: Setting the stage for the training.
The Impact of Storytelling: Understanding its significance in communication.
Essential Storytelling Elements: Exploring the key components of compelling narratives.
Practical Exercise: Crafting a brief personal story.
Day 2: Crafting Themes and Messages
Identifying Themes: Techniques for identifying themes that resonate. Crafting Compelling Messages: Creating messages that connect emotionally and
Workshop: Applying theme and message crafting techniques.

Day 3: Versatility and Applications of Storytelling
Exploring Storytelling Purposes: Understanding the diverse applications of storytelling.
Learning from Case Studies: Analysing successful storytelling in various contexts.
Group Discussion: Collaborating with peers to share insights on storytelling

Day 4: Mastering Storytelling Structure and Language
The Hero’s Journey Structure: Understanding the classic storytelling structure.
Application in Presentations: Applying the Hero’s Journey structure to captivate
Language Techniques: Infusing stories with vivid language for maximum impact.

Day 5: Holding Attention and Digital Storytelling
Strategies for Holding Attention: Mastering techniques to maintain audience
Digital Storytelling: Adapting storytelling techniques to the digital realm.
Crafting Compelling Online Narratives: Creating impactful stories for online platforms.
Final Exercise: Participants present a brief digital storytelling piece.

Closing Session:
Peer Evaluation: Participants provide constructive feedback on each other’s storytelling
Certificates and Networking: Closing remarks, certificate distribution, and informal

Location: Málaga City

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